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May 29, 2022

Close Our Eyes to See a Vision of the Church

Pastor KJ Kim

Ephesians 1: 15-23

Paul wrote this letter to Ephesians from a jail cell, maybe, the only light coming from a small square window above his head. Paul’s life was coming to a violent end, which he may also have seen, but none of that diminished his sense of God’s providence, or of God’s confidence in the church.

The passage reminds us that Christ cannot and will not be separated from this body, no matter what. What today’s passage tells us is that we all are God’s consummation, the fullness of Christ who fills all in all.

Paul’s dream reminds me of one of the songs that I have often heard lately, titled, “A Million Dreams,” which is included in the original soundtrack of the movie, The Greatest
Showman. Ever since hearing that song the first time, when I may feel stuck in my current situation, I play this song over, and over, again. Yes, this song is one of my sanctuaries.

For Paul, I imagine that he closed his eyes to see God’s presence in the jail. Thus, he wrote today’s passage to the Ephesian people—infusing God’s dream of how the church should look, as a colony of heaven on Earth. Maybe, Paul had a million dreams of what the church may look like that kept him awake in the jail. Maybe, Paul always thought of what the church could be and should be.

Now, it is our turn and time. And it is our job and task.

It is the time to have a million dreams of what this church can be and should be
even if other people say to us, we are crazy, and we have lost our mind; because we don’t care, so call us crazy when we dream a million dreams of what this church can be.

It is the time to think and re-think of what this church can be. Sometimes we may be right, or we may be wrong when we share our dreams. However, let all dreams and visions be part of it all for the church we are going to make.

It is the time to close our eyes to see a vision and dream of the church we are going to make
rather than looking at spacious pews. It is the time to close our ears to the world and listen to God who is still whispering to us. It is the time to close our mouth to speak to God,
or make God speak on behalf of us.

I hope and pray that the brightest colors and dreams fill our heart, mind, and head - keeping us awake. So that we continue to dream a million dreams for the church we are going to make for the people of God.

Thanks be to God.

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