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First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has witnessed, served, and worshiped in Stephenville, Texas since 1897. As part of a Christian movement born on the American frontier, the "Disciples of Christ" have always stressed unity with the whole "Christian church".

Two of its most prominent pastors, Addison and Randolph Clark, were founders of the college that was to become Texas Christian University (formerly Add-Ran, and is preserved as AddRan College of Liberal Arts at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.). 

First Christian Church Stephenville’s pastors, especially the Clark brothers and its congregational membership that included citizen leaders in the Stephenville community, was an important institution at its inception. The church continues to be a positive influence in the community today. The church’s missions extend far beyond the church building and its members. The church is steeped in the traditions of the larger Christian church. Its individual congregants continue to be involved in the leadership of the Stephenville community.

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