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February 20, 2022

Becoming A Sign Rather Than Asking For One

Pastor KJ Kim

Judges 6: 11-24

In today’s passage, Gideon was one of Israel’s judges, Gideon was not brave, he kept coming up with reasons why not, and he would not move without a clear God-sign from God. That is why and what I like about Gideon—his ordinariness like you and me, and his undisguised hesitancy about answering God’s calling.

“The Lord is with you, you mighty warrior.” That was how the angel greeted Gideon, who was in no mood for religious talk. Gideon wanted the God he had heard miracle stories about, the God who brought Israel up from Egypt, not today’s passage God who stood by while people were robbed and killed for 7 years.

In the passage, the angel wanted to commission Gideon right on the spot, saying that “You do it.” “Go and deliver Israel from the hand of Midian,” which was absolutely not what Gideon had in his mind. “But, but, but,,,” Gideon sputtered. “But, I am weak, but I am least, but I am small. There must be a hundred Israelites with better qualifications. Honestly, I am not the man you should find. I am the least impressive guy in my family, which is the weakest link in the tribe of Manasseh.” “But I will be with you,” the Lord said, and that was that.

What I want to hold up is Gideon’s legacy to each and every one of us. Not just his doubt in the presence of the Lord, nor his hesitancy when the angel announced God’s calling about what he would do for God’s people. In addition, the real beauty of the story for me is that Gideon became the sign he asked for. Gideon would not just ask for a sign. He would be it and he would do it.

Like Gideon, we still miss God’s wonderful deeds, or we still ask God to show off by doing something spectacular. In addition, we still wait for God’s other signs even though we have already received many signs and God’s callings as well by saying--“But Lord, we are a small and weak congregation.” “We may be one of the least in this city of Stephenville.” “But, but, but,” as what Gideon said.

What today’s story tells us is that does not matter. Our qualifications are not the important matter and besides, God has a “but” as well.

“But I will be with you, First Christian church in Stephenville.”

“But the Lord still says to us, Peace be to you. Do not fear. You shall not die.”

Yes, God always has a “but” as well for us.

Thanks be to God.

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