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June 5, 2022

The Mighty Wind Blown by Jesus’s Last Breath

Pastor KJ Kim

Acts 2:1-21/ 42-47

Let’s think of Jesus’s last breath on the cross. When Jesus let go of his last breath, we believe that it was the love for us—full of passion and full of life. Although Jesus’s last breath was the one that came from a dying person, but it soon turned to be the strongest storm and breath for giving birth to the church.

With and by the holy Spirit, it was time for God to be revealed again—not in the body of Jesus for this time, but in a body of believers who would receive the breath of life from the Lord and pass it on, using themselves to build the body of Christ.

Since the disciples had inhaled the Spirit and steeped themselves in God’s own breath on the day of Pentecost in an upper room, they had been transformed by that breath. Shy people had become bold, scared people had become courageous, and lost people had found a sure sense of direction.

The question for us is “Do we still believe in a God with power to transform us?” “Have we ever asked and prayed to God to set our heads on fire?” “Have we ever prayed to God, even fasted all day for changing and transforming our lives?” If we do not want anything to change and transform in our lives, perhaps, the chances the Spirit comes to us become less and less.

In today’s passage, we are reminded that the Spirit still comes to us, giving us a new strength to rearrange our lives; to open our closed hearts and minds; to change our lives; to even take a risk to step out of our comfort zone; and to overcome our own limits.

Imagine that people listen to each other sincerely and take each other seriously. Imagine that we offer forgiveness we even had not meant to offer. We take risks we thought we did not have the courage to take or reach out to someone we had intended to walk away from. I can be pretty sure that these are the acts of the Spirit.

I invite us to breath in and out, focusing on our breath. This is God’s moment-by-moment gift for all of us. We can call it air. Or we can call it the Spirit. Probably, our breath may be weak as much as Jesus’s last one. However, there is hope in the fact that Jesus’s last breath, seemingly the powerless, turned out to be the mighty storm which has been transforming the whole world.

Let’s keep taking God’s breath into us. And let’s keep giving God’s love back to the world.
Who knows?

Our weak and short breath may turn out to be the new wind and new storm and see what happens next. Let’s keep creating and spreading the Holy spirit conspiracy.

Thanks be to God.

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