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March 27, 2022

I Was Blind, Now I See

Pastor KJ Kim

John 9: 13-38

Today’s story, the ninth chapter of John, revolved around the blind man himself and Jesus; because they were the only so-called sinners in the story—the man because he was born blind,
which in his day was a sure sign of God’s judgement; and Jesus because he broke one of the Ten Commandments by healing the man on the sabbath.

No one asked the blind man what it was like to see for the first time in his life, or whether light may hurt his eyes. Not a single person said, “Alleluia,” or “Thanks be to God.” Rather, people assaulted the man with questions from every side--“How” and “Who” and “Where” and “What.”

While his parents and neighbors may consider this a terrible disgrace, another heretic in that context heard about it and came to see the man born blind. As far as I can tell, Jesus was a perfect stranger to the man. The face was new to him, although there was something familiar about the voice. “Lord, I believe,” the man said, and right then and there he worshipped Jesus.

One point I’d like to draw to our attention in the passage is that the blind man not only recovered his sight physically but also experienced restoration of his sight spiritually as he had come a long way. At the beginning of today’s story, the blind man called Jesus a man, then a prophet, then a man come from God, the Lord.

According to today’s story, these are the people to watch out for—the ones who always seem to be ready to pick up stones and rocks; and the ones who always think they can see. Furthermore, they think they can see better than other people, and they are not shy about telling you that you are not really seeing what you think you see, or that what you are seeing is wrong.

The Pharisees were so sure of everything--God did not work on Sundays; Moses was God’s only spokesman; anyone born blind had to be a sinner; anyone who broke the sabbath had to be a sinner; God did not work through and on sinners; moreover no one, even Jesus, could teach them anything. Meanwhile, the man born blind, who was not sure about anything, he was the one who eventually saw the light and gained the sight.

What if it is not God and I believe? What if it is God and I don’t?

I do not know which question the blind man asked himself when Jesus was rubbing mud on his eyes but I do know what he had to say afterwards. One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.

Thanks be to God.

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