June 19, 2022

The Four Words for Our Calling

Pastor KJ Kim

Acts 2: 1-11 and John 20: 19-3

What the risen Jesus did since he was first raised from the dead was to seek out his followers and disciples who were in hiding, because Jesus had four things to say to them that we still need to hear. The four words Jesus said have changed the life of the church.

First, Jesus came to the hiding disciples and said, “Peace be with you.” The word of “Peace” sounds like a cliché spoken and given to us, against our reality—war, gun violence, hostility, discrimination, anxiety, restlessness, greed, poverty, or selfishness. Those are true without Jesus, but it is not true with Jesus—the one who stood against death and now is alive.

The second saying Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, so send I you.” For sure, Jesus is still sending all of us to some places, it is time for us to re-think this sending, and how and where we will go.

Third, Jesus said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” With and by this power, we can change our conversation from “we used to be A or B” to “this church may be, this church could be, and we should be,” moving well beyond us to go where Jesus sends us; to do what God intends for our lives.

Lastly, Jesus said, “If you forgive sins, they are forgiven. If you refuse to forgive, they are retained.” Sent by the power of the Spirit, the single and primary business for us is a forgiveness. Forgiveness is not play-acting, not romantic and sweet religion, not a casual hug either. It is a decision to begin at a different place.

Now, it is our turn. Here are the four words for us.

Peace—it is a lens thorough which we can see things differently, a new shape of our lives.

I Send you—we cannot just sit around. And this sanctuary is not only for a resting place but also for a trench or a shelter where we can take our breath in the midst of our battles in our lives.

We will receive Power—the power that we can go beyond ourselves—knowing that we are like a cup with many holes needing to be filled over and over again.

To Forgive—While the world keeps playing the game of unforgiveness, the world needs someone and some places where they might catch a glimpse of God’s forgiveness to break the cycles of death and give a new life and another chance.

These four words—Be in peace, Be sent; Be a recipient of holy power, Be forgiven to forgive--are neither the principal teachings nor wisdom from a book, but they are our mission and calling to do.

Thanks be to God.